LAMS (Location Allocation Model Solver) 区位配置模型工具

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1. 这是一个完全免费的工具。
This is a completely free tool.

2. 我不是专业码农,因此不能保证功能不出现问题。如果你在使用中发现任何bug,请和我联系,除了用户电脑本身的问题以外,绝大多数的问题都可以得到及时解决。
It is hard to get rid of all bugs, and I cannot make guarantee for the functionality of the tool. If you find any bug when using it, please contact with me. I promise that most of the problems (expect those caused only by your computer) could be solved in time.

3. 本工具基于Matlab 2015a GUI开发,因此,你的电脑中可能需要安装Matlab Runtime 2015a,具体请看此页
This tool is developed based on Matlab 2015a GUI, thus you might need to install Matlab Runtime 2015a in advance. You can refer to this page.

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功能介绍 Introduction of Functionality

LAMS是一个求解区位配置模型的简单工具。所谓区位配置模型(LA, location allocation model)就是根据一定的需求分布,求解符合特定要求的供给设施区位,主要用于城市公共设施的布局。经典的区位配置模型包括p中位模型(p-median),p中心模型(p-center)模型等。其中,p中位模型使得所有需求点的加权总距离最小,p中心模型使得所有需求点中最不利(最远)的距离最小。
LAMS is a simple tool to solve LA (location allocation) model. LA model is to find the best locations for some facilities given certain demand distribution. Classical LA models contains p-median model, p-center model, maximum coverage model, and so on. P-median model tries to minimize the total weighted distance; p-center model minimizes the maximum distance.

In these classical LA models, the users always choose the nearest facilities, and the user-facility distance is the only criteria of LA plan evaluation, which is unreasonable in practice. This tool provide a possibility that the users could choose facilities according to a external logit model, in which different variables could be considered comprehensively, at the same time, the choice-based LA model could maximize this comprehensive user-utility instead of purely minimize above-mentioned  user-facility distance.

Besides, classical LA model theories generally rely on discrete optimization, while in this tool, the extent of the potential locations is continuous X-Y plane. Consequently, this tool adopts intelligent algorithms, such as genetic algorithm.


视频示例 (Video Demo)

If you just want to quickly acquire results of LA models, this tool have convenient access with AutoCAD.

Following video illustrates how choice-based LA model makes sense. However, if you want to use this kind of model, you have to prepare a logit model in advance.

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